About Scrum at Scale, LLC

About Scrum at Scale, LLC

Scrum at Scale, LLC is a joint venture between Scrum Alliance and Scrum, Inc. The two independent companies announced the creation of Scrum at Scale, LLC to support the Scrum@Scale framework at the Global Scrum Gathering Minneapolis in April, 2018.

The Scrum@Scale framework is the natural extension of the Scrum framework. It was created by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the Scrum Guide. The Scrum@Scale framework is designed to deliver business agility and makes every team a Scrum team. It enables organizations to transform into market-disrupting forces. Regardless of industry, this lightweight, adaptable scaling framework is known for “minimum viable bureaucracy” via a scale-free architecture and empowering every Scrum team member.

“How do we enable people to accomplish more, live better lives, and fundamentally change the trajectory of their success?” – Jeff Sutherland

As an organization, Scrum at Scale, LLC fosters a collaborative community and provides a unique set of actionable strategies for exponential organizational and personal growth:

– The Scrum@Scale framework and the Scrum@Scale Guide

– Community and credentials for the Certified Scrum@Scale Practitioner (CS@SP) and the Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer (CS@ST)

– An open-source, robust library of case studies showcasing Scrum@Scale implementations

– Community-driven content delivered by Agilists experienced in scaling Scrum, including webinars and virtual coaching circles

The Joint Venture Partners

Scrum, Inc. founded by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum, is the world’s leading authority of implementing Scrum. They have helped hundreds of organizations, from Fortune 100 companies to start-ups, fundamentally reshape themselves to dramatically increase productivity and drive growth.

Scrum Alliance is the largest and most established Scrum certifying body and professional association of Agile practitioners in the world. With more than 500,000 certified practitioners, Scrum Alliance is dedicated to helping individuals and organizations transform their world of work.

The Scrum at Scale, LLC Manifesto

We value…

Minimal bureaucracy over command and control

Patterns over prescription

Team collaboration and coordination over functional silos

Leadership participation over buy-in and support

Seizing opportunities over a planned journey

Being Agile over doing Agile

Meet the Scrum at Scale, LLC Team


Carol McEwan ventured into the agile world in 2008 after serving as a software developer at TD Bank and a Program Manager at EDS. She has held leadership positions at Scrum Alliance, Scaled Agile (the certifying body for SAFe®), Agile Transformation Inc, and is currently the CEO / Chief Product Owner at Scrum at Scale LLC. 

Carol is from a small town in Ontario, Canada. She moved to Colorado 22 years ago where her and husband raised their two children and have since welcomed a grandson.

She enjoys connecting people, creating environments with joyful culture, and improving outcomes. Carol strives to expand the adoption of scrum beyond the “usual places” so that one day, scrum knows no boundaries.

Alyssa Layden, CSPO

Alyssa Layden is a strategic, fast-moving digital nomad who believes in the power of a great story to influence perception and drive understanding. Her favorite quote is, “sell the problem you solve, not the product you make.” She has worked for multiple teams in growth-mode. From a start-up in the health/fitness space to an Agile Digital Marketing Agency in Denver, Colorado, she just can’t seem to wander too far away from cross-functional teams, product backlog items, and 9:00am Daily Scrums.  

Alyssa loves technology and communications – she integrates creative production, critical thinking, and technical skills into her everyday life. She has a penchant for quick wit, values continuous improvement, and loves Twitter (unfortunately.)

Alyssa excitedly joined the Scrum at Scale team in June, 2019. She is determined to understand the ever-changing digital landscape and build global demand for Scrum at Scale.

Deb Klein, CSM

Deb Klein worked in the software industry in Professional Services and Training for 18 years. Before landing at Scrum at Scale, Deb worked at Scrum Alliance, where her Scrum and agile journey began. She joined the Scrum at Scale team in 2019 to support operations and events, and currently serves as the team Scrum Master.

Deb is a native Californian and moved to Colorado 27 years ago. She enjoys spending time skiing, golfing, hiking and is always searching for the next challenge with her husband and two sons.

Deb is passionate about bringing positive change to the world. She believes working together on a common goal builds strength and produces incredible outcomes.

Beth Frazier, CSM, CSPO

Beth has found that the principles learned in her passionate pursuits of History, Writing, Art, Psychology, and Finance have served her well. History requires perspective and analysis. Writing requires effective communication and precision. Art demands flexibility and the ability to see things in new ways. All of these foster an understanding of people, culture, and the role engagement plays in life and business. She applies all of these to her role as the Product Owner for the Train the Trainer Program at Scrum at Scale.

Beth has served in many roles and lived in several countries. She was a Scrum Master and Product Owner for a website development team, where she discovered her passion for scaling Scrum.

Her points of greatest pride are raising three positive, capable kids and developing a strong, happy, 28-year marriage… so far. Life for Beth is embracing learning, loyalty, connectedness, and excellence. She strives to walk in her belief that if we can do good, we should do good; to people and for the world.

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