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Scrum@Scale is an open, transparent framework. We are committed to creating and sharing a library of best practices which combine empirical studies and real world experience.

These case studies are complied by Scrum@Scale Trainers. Each trainer submits at least one new case study annually. This ensures this case study library will continuously grow and evolve to address the latest challenges Scrum@Scale companies face. The case studies presented here represent the success stories of our Scrum@Scale Trainers and the companies they’ve served. Learn how organizations of all sizes, across all industries have leveraged the power of Scrum@Scale to increase business agility and respond to ever-changing market demands.

We will release a new case study once every few weeks. Check back often or get new scaling case studies delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing below. The content of the case studies presented on our site are open source under Creative Commons 4.0 license.

How Scrum at Scale Helped This Product Succeed with Simon Roberts

Simon explains how Scrum and key Scrum@Scale concepts were used to “rescue” a failing product and increase overall organization communication.

Creating Leadership Buy-in while Scaling Scrum in Banking with Hugo Lourenco

Learn how buy-in from the leadership came from forcing them to discover their own company’s “why”

Agile Regulation and the Importance of Symbolic Leadership with Ian Spence

How does a Scrum@Scale Certified Trainer implement Scrum and a scaling Scrum framework in a company that “doesn’t do projects”? Learn more.

Financial Services

Learn how this small financial services company overcame regulatory hurdles and delivered in half the time.

Toyota Motors North America

Learn how Toyota brought Agility to a deep hierarchy.

Big 4 Accounting Firm

Learn how this Big 4 Accounting Firm used Scrum@Scale to coordinate distributed teams and develop an auditing platform.

Multinational Banking

Learn how a multinational banking corporation transformed their siloed IT department with award winning results.

Global Manufacturer

Learn how this transformation reduced waste by 90% and turned siloed groups into centers of excellence.

Social Media

Learn how productivity and quality improved when executives transformed from managers into leaders.

Mirko Kleiner: How to Kickstart a Self-Learning Organization in 3 days

Learn how sustainable alignment was established via agile portfolio management and iterative big room planning events

Daniel Mezick Scaling Scrum Inside Insure-Tech

The company’s 7-9 engineering teams were faced with the task of realizing value, getting pressure from the private equity firm who acquired them. Challenge accepted.

Agile Transformation at Farm Credit Canada with Klaus Bucka-Lassen

Learn how the FCC learned that leading by example leads to success:

Gas Exploration

Learn how Drummond used Scrum@Scale to radically improve their supply chain and drilling operation.

Scaling Data Storage

See how this data storage organization improved their product’s release cycle sixfold.


Discover how key patterns of the Scrum@Scale Framework helped disrupt the music-streaming industry.

Global Financial Services

Learn how a global Financial Services company used Scrum@Scale to refactor their teams and improve delivery speed.

Skills Placement

Learn how a proactive EAT is critical to lasting organizational change.

Joe Justice: How a $149B Company Sped Up 175% with Scrum at Scale

Learn how 3M accelerated between 25-175% in Year One

Luiz Quintela: On Nationwide’s Side with Scrum

Nationwide Insurance is one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the world. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the Fortune 100 company started in 1926, which means they’ve seen their share of change in the marketplace.

Bosch: Embracing Agility

Learn how this multinational conglomerate transformed from the top down to become an agile enterprise.

Getting "Ready" at Systematic

The “Ready” pattern brought this Scrum@Scale software company to a higher level of performance.

"Waterfall-ish" to S@S

This Travel organization went from 49 separate projects to a single backlog and shared vision with Scrum@Scale.

Air Transportation

Learn how this large Air Transportation company doubled productivity using Scrum@Scale.

Harman International

Learn how this IoT company improved speed to market.

IOT: Smart Homes

Learn how a European IOT company used Scrum@Scale to manage complex Software and Hardware dependencies.

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