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Join us for an upcoming Scrum@Scale event to get the latest insights on how to scale Scrum and achieve true business agility. Find information on free webinars, conferences, and other Agile events where you can learn from the creator of Scrum at Scale, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, and our world-class trainers and practitioners.

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Past Events

Recorded Webinar – 4.5.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: The Role of Management

In this webinar, Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer Jason Tanner discusses how the role of management fits into the Scrum@Scale Framework, and how management can support a Scrum@Scale implementation to accelerate value delivery and optimize agility enterprise-wide.

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Scrum Day Colombia

Scrum Day Colombia, Medellín

Esperamos reunir a más de 400 asistentes que vivirán una experiencia de aprendizaje, compartiendo conocimientos y experiencias en los contextos de agilidad empresarial para aplicar en proyectos de tecnología y en transformación organizacional. Estamos impactando a todos los profesionales, directivos y emprendedores de IberoAmerica. Contamos con representación de Estados Unidos, Chile, Argentina, Perú, Bolivia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia, entre otros.

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Recorded Webinar – 3.25.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Product Owner at Scale

Learn from expert Scrum@Scale Trainers Luiz “Q” Quintela and Dee Rhoda how to best leverage your Product Owner structure at scale to accelerate and optimize value delivery organization-wide.

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Recorded Webinar – 3.18.2019

Consiguiendo Agilidad organizacional con Scrum@Escala: Diseño Organizacional Ágil

Conozca algunos de los mejores consejos para comenzar su Transformación Agil Organizacional. Este segundo episodio es facilitado por el Entrenador de Scrum@Scale Pablo Rivera, y forma parte de nuestra serie de seminarios web express: Consiguiendo Agilidad organizacional con Scrum@Scale.

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TriAgile 2019, Raleigh NC

Scrum@Scale from the Point of View of the Executive

In this session, Scrum at Scale Trainer, Luiz “Q” Quintela, introduces Scrum at Scale from the perspective of the executive: Why Scrum@Scale and how to change the organization to get twice the work in half of the time. This session covers the Scrum at Scale framework but has a focus on the strategy to implement it.

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Recorded Webinar – 3.8.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Organizational De-scaling for Faster Teams

Descaling is the process of removing waste and dysfunction that will limit attempts to scale your agile implementation. Learn from expert Scrum@Scale Trainers Steve Martin and Carrie Driscol as they discuss the importance of descaling before implementing Scrum in a scaled context. Dr. Jeff Sutherland hosts this episode of our express webinar series, Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale.

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Recorded Webinar – 2.20.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Launching an Agile Practice

Learn some of the top tips for launching your Agile Practice from Scrum@Scale Trainer Steve Martin in the first episode of our express webinar series, Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale. Our highly experienced certified Scrum@Scale trainers will share insights on how to apply the Scrum@Scale framework from various real-world situations. In bite-sized chunks to fit your busy schedule, learn techniques to organically increase overall organization-wide agility through Scrum@Scale’s scale-free architecture, leading to greater delivery of value faster and cheaper.

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Recorded Webinar – 2.15.2019

Consiguiendo Agilidad organizacional con Scrum@Escala: Qué es Scrum@Scale y Proceso a nivel de equipo

Si querés saber de qué se trata Scrum@Scale, el framework que permite ir escalando Scrum naturalmente en las organizaciones más exitosas, sumate a este seminario web coordinado por Paula Kvedaras, para introducirte en cómo replicar la manera de trabajar de un Scrum Team en tu empresa.

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Recorded Webinar

Achieving Business Agility with Scrum@Scale Webinar

Watch the recorded webinar featuring Dr. Jeff Sutherland as he talks about how Scrum@Scale is helping businesses across a diverse range of industries and domains deliver unprecedented business outcomes with speed, predictability and agility.

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