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Join us for an upcoming Scrum@Scale event to get the latest insights on how to scale Scrum and achieve true business agility. Find information on free webinars, conferences, and other Agile events where you can learn from the creator of Scrum at Scale, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, and our world-class trainers and practitioners.

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Past Events

Recorded Webinar – 9.30.2019

JJ Sutherland on The Scrum Fieldbook and Scrum@Scale

Join JJ Sutherland as he shares stories and insights from his new book The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future.

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Do’s and Don’ts of Implementing Scrum@Scale September 19, 2019

Agile@Nordea Denmark

Luiz “Q” Quintela, a senior Agile advisor and certified Scrum @Scale trainer will discuss his learnings, call it do’s and don’ts of 7 transformations, so far, because whether you are part of an Agile Transformation, an Adoption or Implementation of new ways of working, there are some pitfalls and pain points that we probably all wish we knew before we started learning the hard way.

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Agile2019 Conference

Agile2019 Conference, August 5-9

Scrum@Scale was a proud Silver Sponsor of Agile2019! Learn more about Scrum@Scale’s participation:

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Recorded Webinar – 7.26.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Implementing Scrum and Scaling It

Learn from Scrum@Scale expert Luiz “Q” Quintela as he discusses the critical factors to take into consideration when implementing Scrum and Scaling it.

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Recorded Webinar – 7.15.2019

Aprovechando los beneficios de Scrum a Escala en áreas no-TI

“Aprovechando los beneficios de Scrum a Escala en áreas no-TI”, en el que la Entrenadora de Scrum@Scale y Coach Agile Paula Kvedaras realiza el análisis del Reporte sobre el estado del arte en el mundo de Mayo de este año que informa que casi el 80% de los encuestados usan Scrum y de un Caso Real de Implementación, escalando Scrum con un modelo de referencia para expandir Scrum al trabajo diario de múltiples equipos de áreas No IT, y los beneficios que obtuvieron.

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Recorded Webinar – 6.26.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Value Driven Culture is Essential

Learn from Scrum@Scale expert Kim Antelo as she discusses how Scrum@Scale addresses the impact of value-driven corporate culture and how, when scaling, to effectively change the culture within an organization.

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Recorded Webinar – 6.17.2019

Consiguiendo Agilidad organizacional con Scrum@Escala: Principios del liderazgo ágil

En este webinar express de la serie en español, recorra los principales Principios del liderazgo ágil de facilitado por la Entrenador de Scrum@Scale y Coach Agile César Arce.

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Recorded Webinar – 6.14.2019

Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Scrum@Scale Implementations

Learn from Scrum@Scale expert Simon Roberts as he discusses his experiences implementing Scrum@Scale in a variety of industries. Simon covers some of the biggest challenges organizations face when trying to become more agile, including how to coordinate teams and address corporate culture.

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