Future of scrum: parallel pipelining of sprints in complex projects

J. Sutherland, in Agile Conference 2005 Proceedings, Denver CO.

The scrum agile development process was invented to rapidly drive new product to market. Here, one of the inventors of scrum goes back to scrum basics, throws out preconceived notions, and designs advanced scrum using multiple overlapping sprints within the same scrum teams. This methodology delivers increasing application functionality to market at a pace that overwhelms competitors using a MetaScrum for release planning, variable length sprints, overlapping sprints for a single team, pre-staging product backlog, daily scrum of scrums meetings, and automation and integration of product backlog and sprint backlog with real-time reporting. Administrative overhead for dozens of enterprise product releases a year is less than 60 seconds a day per developer and less than 10 minutes a day for a ScrumMaster. While advanced scrum is not for the uninitiated, the future of scrum is still scrum, just faster, better, and cooler.

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