“Scrum@Scale with Essence” with Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer Ian Spence

Topic Description

The Scrum@Scale Guide provides essential guidance to anyone attempting to scale Scrum. It defines seven scaled components that act as a great foundation for any, and all, Scrum-based attempts at scaling Agile.It also explains that to successfully scale Scrum, scaled versions of the Scrum roles, artifacts and events are needed both to successfully run a Scrum of Scrums and to establish a truly agile enterprise. It doesn’t, however, formally define them – leaving these to be defined as part of the adopting organization’s reference model. This maintains the framework’s agility and wide applicability but can make it hard to apply, particularly for those who have never scaled Scrum before.The Scrum@Scale Essence cards, developed by Ivar Jacobson International in conjunction with Scrum.inc, authored by Ian Spence and Jeff Sutherland, go some way to filling this gap and provide a simple interactive aide for use in the learning, adoption, practice and application of the Scrum@Scale Guide.

View this free webinar to see how the Essence cards and game can be used to bring Scrum@Scale to life.

About the Speakers:

Ian Spence is an acknowledged industry thought leader he regularly appears at conferences, publishes books and articles, and conducts webinars. He is a strategic thinker who combines vision and perception with outstanding business acumen. Both a practitioner and an experienced coach he has strong planning, facilitation, analysis, presentation, writing and interpersonal skills. He has the ability to assimilate new skills speedily, and a proven track record in transferring skills to clients and other team members. View Ian Spence’s Scrum@Scale Case Study: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P4HF3BUa2rI

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