Product Portfolio Management @ Scale at Global Scrum Gathering Vienna 2019

Session: Product Portfolio Management at Scale

Author: Dee Rhoda

Co-Presenter(s): Luiz Quintela

Room: Lehar 1

Track: Enterprise Agility

Session Type: Workshop

Summary: There are many choices for scaling Scrum. They all have validity, based on what the organization is striving to achieve. However, in any of these approaches there is a critical need to understand the role of Product Owner and how that role scales. Take a deep look into how to scale the role of Product Owner and why it is such an important responsibility. Join us for an interactive session where we dive into portfolio-level planning. We will also look at how to order and sequence initiatives to increase business value.

Learning Objectives:

  • Utilize portfolio-level prioritization tools
  • Demonstrate increased corporate wide product strategy visibility
  • Develop a Continuous Requirements Flow model at scale
  • Create and apply Value Sequencing and Release Planning at scale

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