Case Study

Organic Growth in a Highly Regulated Industry with Paula Elisa Kvedaras

“Starting with a small group of teams allows you to develop a reference model, then you can grow to a lot of teams and a lot of departments.”

Case Study Snapshot

Trainer Name: Paula Elisa Kvedaras
Organization: Argentina Subsidiary of Global Bank
Industry: Financial Services
Org Size: Large
Date: 2018
Website: Trainer’s website

Can Scrum or Scrum at Scale grow from the bottom up? According to the Argentinian subsidiary of one of the largest global banks, the answer is “YES”!


Can Scrum or Scrum at Scale grow from the bottom up? According to the Argentinian subsidiary of one of the largest global banks, the answer is “YES”!

Just as a tree starts from a small sprout, so did the implementation of the Scrum@Scale framework for this highly regulated industry environment. It all started in 2016 with a small group of high performing teams operating consistently with the Scrum Guide. The department heads asked, why not grow this to other departments, such as Transactional Product Services (TPS) and Human Resources (HR) for all branches in Argentina. In essence, these original “sprout” teams became the reference point for developing a scalable reference model to avoid deficiencies when implementing large networks of teams by showing success following Scrum artifacts, roles, values, events, and pillars.

Scaling up, the staff self-organized into cross-functional Scrum teams, consisting of about 140 members from various departments, thereby avoiding silos. Each team used MetaScrum, with a Chief Product Owner and POs from department to align backlog priorities. The Executive Action Team (EAT) ensured continuous improvement for the integrated teams. This resulted in better virtual team flow and in the improvement of how the organization worked not only within, but across departments.

Key Results

Kvedaras and the Argentinian subsidiary of one of the largest global banks found:

  1. Large, high-performance teams found a way to work together by breaking silos by self organizing into virtual teams
  2. Cross functionality resulted in teams learning from each other
  3. HR embraced transformation and training, which resulted in a positive impact
  4. Revenue doubled in just one year and the organization keeps on growing at a good pace
  5. Improved technical processes (e.g. budgeting took half the time)
  6. 14 people were re-allocated to more suitable positions
  7. 240 people trained in Scrum
  8. Using S@S, this company’s fruit tree is thriving and keeps growing

Who is Paula Elisa Kvedaras

Paula Elisa Kvedaras is Partner and Director of her own company, Consultora BK®, with more than 15 years of experience in the management and coaching of international projects of corporate information systems. Paula has dedicated her professional life to implementing Scrum after training with Dr. Jeff Sutherland, first in her own company (a small boutique consultant company), and years later, to help clients with implementing Scrum.

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