Achieving Organizational Agility with Scrum@Scale: Metrics

Featuring Scrum@Scale Trainer Luis “Q” Quintela

Scrum@Scale is based on Empirical Process Control theory, which means observation and measurement. In this express webinar, expert Scrum at Scale Trainer Luis “Q” Quintela discusses the importance of Metrics in any Scrum@Scale implementation. Learn how to use metrics, and crucially, how to avoid misusing them, in order to drive agility and achieve the results your organization seeks. Watch the recorded webinar below, download the slides, and read more on Agile Metrics here .

Through a series of express webinars (intended to be 30 minutes or less), our highly experienced certified Scrum@Scale trainers will share insights on how to apply the Scrum@Scale framework from various real-world situations. In bite-sized chunks to fit your busy schedule, learn techniques to organically increase overall organization-wide agility through Scrum@Scale’s scale-free architecture, leading to greater delivery of value faster and cheaper.

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