Scrum Around the World – A Hybrid Event

Effective collaboration is achievable for distributed Scrum teams at scale – learn how in this hybrid event

Does Scrum@Scale work with distributed teams? Scrum, as originally outlined in the Scrum Guide, is a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products by a single team. Since its inception, its usage has extended to the creation of products, processes, services, and systems that require the efforts of multiple teams. Scrum@Scale was developed to efficiently coordinate this new ecosystem of teams, but often it is believed that Scrum and Scrum@Scale can’t be “successful” when the element of distributed teams is introduced.

In this hybrid event (a virtual conference with optional “live” in-person events) created by Scrum@Scale, LLC and Nureva, attendees will hear from industry leaders that have specialized in Scrum at Scale and Distributed Teams. They’ll discuss the common challenges organizations face when implementing Scrum at Scale, and review real-world solutions and tools they have tested to ensure remote workers are supported, productive, and aligned. View full event details and register now.

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