The Executive Action Team as an Enabler for Business Agility with Certified Trainer Jon Spruce

Topic Description

In this Scrum@Scale webinar, Certified Trainer Jon Spruce will walk registrants through a recent case study on how Scrum@Scale patterns were used for a large scale Agile and engineering transformation at a major UK bank. In his presentation, Jon will focus on the role and structure of the Executive Action Team (EAT) within the Scrum@Scale framework.

Some questions that will be addressed:

  • Who should be on the Executive Action Team
  • What does the Executive Action Team look like
  • How regularly does the Executive Action Team meet?
  • Why does an organization need an Executive Action Team?
  • What is the purpose of an Executive Action Team?

This 45 minute webinar will explore this real-world Scrum@Scale application and detail the benefits of an Executive Action Team as a key enabler to Agility. Jon will present for 30 minutes, and host a 15 minute interactive Q&A.

Speaker Bio

Jon Spruce is an Executive Agile Coach and Trainer.  He is founding partner of Agile Centre and an enterprise Agile coach with proven experience in leading successful large scale transformation programmes for Aviva, Barclays, and Lloyds Banking Group. Jon has also produced award-winning global digital products for Nike Training Club, Nike Fuelband, Nike Football, Beats By Dre, and Axe.
Having started out as an avionics engineer in the British Army, Jon now focus on building the capacity of high-performing teams instead of helicopters.
Jon supports clients to help them deliver world-class solutions through organisational redesign, effective leadership coaching, and building agile capability through training.
With the extensive real-world experience of scaling agile and scrum for large organisations using LeSS, SAFe and Scrum@Scale, Jon can apply the context needed to ensure the best fit for successful adoption of Agile.
Outside of the office, you can find Jon on a building site developing property, swimming in an extremely cold lake in Wales or in a plane working towards his Private Pilot’s Licence.

Selected Experience

• Global Executive Producer for Nike and Beats By Dre (TV, Web, Events, Social, Mobile)
• Executive Producer for Axe/Lynx (EMEA) at BBH (Web, Social, Mobile)
• Enterprise Agile Coach for large scale agile transformation at Lloyds Banking Group
• Enterprise Agile Coach for large scale agile transformation at Barclays UK
• Enterprise Agile Coach for large scale agile transformation at Aviva
• Built multi-tiered agile training capability platform for large financial organisation

Education and Qualifications

• Scrum Alliance Certified Team Coach®
• Scrum Alliance Certified Path to CSP Educator®
• Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Professional®
• Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer®
• SAFe Programme Consultant®
• Lean Six Sigma

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