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The Definitive Guide to Scrum@Scale
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The Scrum at Scale Guide is the definitive guide to the Scrum@Scale framework. It contains the definitions of the components that make up the Scrum@Scale framework, including its scaled roles, scaled events, and enterprise artifacts, as well as the rules that bind them together.

Scrum, as originally outlined in the Scrum Guide, is a framework for developing, delivering, and sustaining complex products by a single team. Since its inception, it’s usage has extended to the creation of products, processes, services, and systems that require the efforts of multiple teams. Scrum@Scale was created to efficiently coordinate this new ecosystem of teams. It achieves this goal through setting up a “minimum viable bureaucracy” via a “scale-free” architecture.

Dr. Jeff Sutherland developed Scrum@Scale based on the fundamental principles of Scrum, Complex Adaptive Systems theory, game theory, and object-oriented technology. Combined with the results of fieldwork with dozens of companies from startups to those in the Fortune 100, this guide was developed with the input of many experienced Scrum practitioners with the goal of the reader being able to implement Scrum@Scale on their own.

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We believe that, as with any project, the best way to get the strongest guide possible is through a sequence of “inspect and adapt” cycles based on feedback from S@S Trainers, S@S Practitioners, and the Scrum community at large. Scrum@Scale as a framework is being used in companies of different sizes, in different industries, and on different continents; it is truly global. Our goal is to capture insights and best practices from the global community and consolidate them into a continuously improving guide.

To that end, the Scrum@Scale guide is open source and is released under the CC4-BY-SA license. If you would like to contribute to the Scrum@Scale guide please visit us on github and help us in our mission to create scaling that works.

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