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Join us for an upcoming Scrum@Scale event to get the latest insights on how to scale Scrum and achieve true business agility. Find information on free webinars, conferences, and other Agile events where you can learn from the creator of Scrum at Scale, Dr. Jeff Sutherland, co-creator of Scrum, and our world-class trainers and practitioners.

Upcoming Events

Scrum Around the World – A Hybrid Event

11 December 2019: 11:00 AM – 3:00 PM ET

Effective collaboration is achievable for distributed Scrum teams at scale – learn how in this hybrid event. Attend virtually or in-person to hear from Jeff Sutherland, JJ Sutherland, Daniel Mezick, and Michael Saunders.

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Past Events

Product Ownership @Scale November 28, 2019

Agile@Nordea Denmark

Luiz “Q” Quintela, a senior Agile advisor and certified Scrum@Scale Trainer will talk about Product Ownership@Scale including how to establish a minimum viable hierarchy for your Product Owner Team and how to prioritize at different levels such as portfolio, product and team.

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Recorded Webinar – 9.30.2019

JJ Sutherland on The Scrum Fieldbook and Scrum@Scale

Join JJ Sutherland as he shares stories and insights from his new book The Scrum Fieldbook: A Master Class on Accelerating Performance, Getting Results, and Defining the Future.

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