Map of Key Scrum@Scale Terms to SAFe

According to estimates by Dave Witkin and his company Packaged Agile, about 30% of large US Government software programs fail. That translates to $30 billion in waste; $30 billion each year not spent on education, healthcare, and more. Packaged Agile is dedicated to changing that.

As a Certified Scrum@Scale Trainer and dedicated Agilist, Dave helps the US Government and their contractors realize the promised benefits of a large-scale Agile approach. For 25 years, Dave has consulted to and provided training for large commercial and US Government clients on large-scale Agile programs. As one of the only 100 people in the world certified by Dr. Jeff Sutherland, the co-creator of Scrum and the Scrum@Scale framework, to teach Scrum@Scale courses, he is dedicated to providing resources to those looking to implement the Scrum@Scale framework in their organization.

Below, Dave and the Packaged Agile team have mapped some of the key terms in the Scrum@Scale framework to terms found in other scaling frameworks.

Reminder that terms across the frameworks are not always an exact match. Please consider the mapping below a rough approximation.