Case Study

BAC Credomatic:

Breaking Down Silos

A siloed 20,000 person waterfall organization transformed their IT department into over 100 agile teams and is continuing to spread Scrum@Scale beyond IT into areas like marketing and HR. 100+ Agile teams serving customers in six countries adopted Scrum@Scale and won the World Finance award for the best online banking and mobile app in Central America.


Trainer Name: Cesar Arce
Organization: BAC Credomatic
Organization Size:Large
 Financial Services
Topics: Beyond IT, Distributed Teams, Removing Silos
Date: 2016-2017
Website: Cesar’s website


BAC Credomatic provides banking services to customers in six countries across Central America and their transformation has been featured in articles by World Finance. Throughout the course of their transformation, they went on to win the 2017 Digital Banking Award. With over 20,000 employees working in six different regulatory environments across a range of products and services, transforming to become an agile enterprise was not an easy task.

A Patterns Based Approach

BAC began their transformation by forming an EAT, an EMS and setting up a reference model group of cross-functional teams with a focus on key Scrum patterns such as the interrupt buffer, swarming, and daily clean code. They then created Scrum of Scrums and Metascrums, broke down siloed divisions into cross-functional teams and adopted Scrum@Scale across over 100 agile teams. The implementation focused on creating first and second level Metascrums and Scrum of Scrums at a product line level within a given region, who were all connected by a corporate-wide multi-national Metascrum.

Spreading Beyond IT

As the agile transformation spread through the technology-focused parts of the organization, teams in other areas began to adapt to support and participate in the Scrum@Scale rollout. The marketing division created their own Metascrum and began implementing Scrum while HR adapted their performance evaluation, compensation and hiring practices to support the changing needs of the company.



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